the tumbled sea - \\

So here's a real quick 'music video' for the tumbled sea's fantastic ambient track " \\ ." It comes from one of my favorite albums of all time called melody summer. Definitely worth a listen to on a rainy day or sleepless night. 

The footage itself is from an 8mm (?) recording of a family's summer vacation to Europe, date unknown. Despite how blurry and lo-fi it is, it's an interesting montage of a time long past. 

I'm trying to learn Premiere Pro, so I'm starting with baby steps first. Just practicing cutting, sequencing, and adding things like transitions (simple fading in/out). What would've taken me literally 2 minutes on Sony Vegas 10.0, took me upwards of 20-30 minutes on Premiere (granted a lot of that was just looking at menus, finding out hotkeys, and getting used to the UI).